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Established for 30 years


Painting Of Man With Huge Bass Guitar Illustration Of Old Women Illustration Of Two Men With Musical Instruments

Artist Statement

My work explores the facets of living in very diverse environments. I have spent the last 25 years in New Orleans and am now painting mostly in Leicester, North Carolina.I love the drippy bayous as much as the lush forests. My work may or may not reflect what is around me. I prefer to live in my imagination and see what comes out from the subconcious.  I like the juxtaposition of the contrasted palette. Similar to life, there is the melancholy with the humor, and the sweet with the bitter. It creates drama and excitement which can be told on the canvas. My work is largely figurative, and in the last year or two has strayed towards nature, wildlife and the afterlife. The unknown is extremely interesting and mysterious to me, I aim to achieve mystery and wonder in my technique. The effect of acrylic washes and drips creates a surreal, dream like environment. In painting, there is an extreme excitement that comes with experimenting with different textures, colors, and effects. Many times, collage and mixed media come into play in my work.  The beauty of art, is that even after thirty years of painting, there is the excitement to make more and more. 

Studied Fine Art at the University of North Carolina.

Earned a B.F.A in Painting 1993.

Moved to New Orleans. Began selling paintings through shops and galleries.

Group show Sheroes at Hanson Gallery. 1997.

Founding owner of Art Lab Gallery 1997-1999. Magazine St. New Orleans.

Solo show at The Waiting Room Gallery 2000.

Two person show Big Top Gallery 2003.

Painting Booth at Jazzfest 2000- 2011. Contemporary Crafts and Louisiana Marketplace.

Solo show at Salon du Beau Monde Julia Street October 2010.

Solo show at Big Top Gallery March 2012.

Jazzfest 2012 Louisiana Marketplace.  

Solo show. 5 Walnut St. Asheville NC. Summer 2015 and summer 2016.

Currently exhibiting work at Trackside Studios. Depot St. Asheville. NC. 2020.

Mural At Rum House Restaurant, Magazine Street, New Orleans